Winter is coming… and so is the fanart.

Justifiably one of the biggest shows of this decade, Game of thrones has a massive following, which in turn calls for a large amount of art dedication. Its strong themes and sci-fi feel brings a range of different people to its door.

Fan artist seem to take advantage of the copious amount of characters and ‘close’ relationships that intertwine, making it a goldmine for a lot of new interpretations and cocktails of relationships that they wish for in the series.
Dorkly is a fun and interesting site, exploring fandom and some of the most amazing art and creations you can find, looking at topics from anime, down to comic books. One of the articles explores Game of Thrones fan art, Gods, these 50 pieces of GoT fan art will explode your mind is an article exploring 50 of the most amazing and different Game of Thrones fan art you will see, exploring different art styles such as real

Image Source by Adam Withers (link to Deviant Art page in text).

ism and impressionism, to some of the more quirky cartoonish impressions. One being this amazing piece (to the left) by Adam Withers  which looks at a a head shot inspired artwork. This type of artwork really lets the viewer in on certain aspects of the show, shows character relations, and in a comical sense, depicts ‘inside’ jokes that only Game of Throne watchers would understand and appreciate.

So is this copying? Is their no originality? Wrong!
A lot of the Game of Throne art viewed shows artists that not only show their love and appreciation for the show, but are not direct copies and have their own interpretation and style incorporated tastefully and respectfully.
A lot of fan art not only shows different styles and artistic movements, but ties into certain aspects of the show that only Game of Thrones watchers would appreciate. Because of the density of the show and the nature of the shows themes, it gives artists a broad spectrum of avenues they can explore, and a wide range of characters they can draw.

My Homage to Game of Thrones.

I myself love some Game of Thrones, so researching this particular blog gave me many types of inspiration and really got me in the mood for some GoT drawing.

My quick sketch of the week is of Daenerys Targaryen  who is Mother of the Dragons. Taking on a more cartoonish type of drawing, I wanted to incorporate her dragons in a more original way, having them tattooed on her back in a tribal manor. Using the colours of the eggs for each dragon, and having the tribal style link to her time with the Dothraki.

By Madeline Romeo. 2016. Copic and  Mepxy Markers.



Image source for header image


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