Fangs, blood and pointy pencils.

Vampires. They suck the blood out of your body and leave you for dead, or if your lucky make you one of them so you can live an eternity of misery and blood lust.

Yet everyone loves them!

The vampire folklore has been around for centuries, talking of pale ghost like figures hiding from the sun, drinking the liquid of life as sustenance and luring in pretty women into their dark chambers.
The first ever vampire film called Nosferatu, created in 1922 even had a somewhat displeasing overview on the vampires we love so much today.
Humanizing vampires, making them likable and sympathized is what
has inspired the vampire culture of today. Shows depicting human “creature behind the gorgeous face” type monsters make them generally appealing to the eye and also help develop a love or sympathy towards the character.

Between cult films such as the Twilight Sagas, to new age TV shows like True Blood and Vampire Diaries, the fan base for them is HUGE. Fan art coming from these types of shows not only are

Photo Source by Cataclysm-X on Deviant Art.

provocative, but are extremely intense.
So are these types of fan art obsessive or artistic?

Probably a little bit of both. While the vampire genre appeals to a more younger audience, the more cult like fans seem to divulge in the imaginative relationships between the characters.

Now, that is definitely not to say that these amazing art works are not coming from a talented or innocent place. Because most, are. Some of these pen to paper artworks (see image in text) are so precise and phenomenally done that it can only take real talent and dedication to a character or show to produce.


Hello Buffy. 

Speaking of fans… did I mention my love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer? This TV show and its counterpart Angel has always been one of my all time favourite shows. So I thought I would acknowledge it in this blog entry with a quick sketch of the protagonist, Buffy Summers.
Blonde hair, quirky and bad-ass attitude plus her 90’s style is what I incorporated within this quick sketch this week. Using my usual go to Copic Markers to create this piece, I
really wanted to animate her, making her look more like a comic book character.

By Madeline Romeo. 2016. Used Copic Markers.



Featured Image source


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