Part of your (Fan Art) world.


Disney, an already booming franchise that has always been popular for decades. But what happens when you get those artistic fans who want nothing more than to appreciate that world and all the magic in it?

You get a whole bunch of fan art.

Disney art can be found on any art appreciation website or social media website. Because the demographic for Disney is so huge, beginning from small children to adults and families, finding fan art of all ages is not a difficult task.
Pinterest, one of the many websites used for ideas, inspiration and appreciation has Disney fan art tags which have thousands of beautiful and creative art pieces done by users of the website.

But what is the really fascinating about this particular genre of Fan Art is the connections and links it has to other types of fan art and communities.
Many Disney fan art inspirations not only dedicate their love for Disney, but also put a twist on the art. Using Disney Princesses as Game of Thrones characters, or making them swap gender or ‘21st century‘ style. Each style tries to tie in their own flare on the classical and iconic Disney look.

Beautiful Belle. 

My quick (and I mean 15 minutes on my lunch break) sketch is of Belle. I decided to do a multi-genre fan art sketch by incorporating by particular style, mixed with anime and the Disney Princess character Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Although the sketch is very quick and I really wish I had more time to focus on a more detailed piece, it also outlines how easy it is to gather inspiration from such a timeless franchise and recreate something new.

DSC_0161 (1)
By Madeline Romeo 2016. Copic markers. 

Featured Image Source.


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