Daddy’s little painter.

“Are you a DC or Marvel person?” Sometimes a simple question like that can throw anyone into a heated debate. Comic books have been around for nearly a century and have given everyone ample time to develop fan culture around a type of company, a character, or a movie.
There are many interpretations of comic books, even the comic book companies themselves remastering the characters and changing their appearance to suit audiences. Watching the development of these types of comic books, and the outstretch of their fandom, has shown that the communities that surround these amazing stories and pieces of work produce some of the most incredible homage artwork around. Whether the inspiration comes from the original comic book itself or it comes from the movies that were developed soon after.

Because of such a huge comic book community and the mediums it spreads across, fan art has developed in all corners of it. Ranging from the movie fan art such as Suicide Squad and the infamous relationship between Harley Quinn and the Joker, to a more traditional fan art that links to the comic books or even TV shows such as The Walking Dead.
All fan art within this genre seems to really explore the creative nature and individualism of each art work, right?
Well… not always. Exploring these types of communities, you can tend to see fan art that is not only a direct copy of the photography or arr work they are appreciating, but stretch as far as changing the background and slapping a meaningful quote on top of the picture and calling it art.

That being said, with any given massive fan movement or culture, there will always be the good, the bad and the ugly. Communities this big have a range of people, some truly trying to find their creative individualism, others just wanting to join in.

Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad meets… something permanent?

My quick sketch this week was a interpretation of Harley Quinn, in a traditional tattoo style. Taking the pin up, “we can do it!” feminine stance, with a traditional of adding a banner on the bottom and some bright colours. I wanted to really take a spin on this type of fan art, without straying from something I love, which is tattoos.

Image by Madeline Romeo 2016. Copic Markers. 

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