Wake up and put on a little make up!

Online social media and networking has been booming with people showing their appreciation and love of all things make-up. Amateurs watching tutorials online, trying to perfect their techniques and precision as well as professionals trying to reach all corners of the internet with their different styles and collections of make up looks.

Fan art is not just on pen and paper anymore. With different mediums and people getting extra creative, make up is one medium that has become quite popular, and for very good reason!
Trying to eliminate the stigma that make up is supposed to be just glamorous and beautiful, and not just for the female community, trying to create looks that can be easily relatable by different genres and groups.

One of these make up gurus who tests the waters with not only glamorous looks but creative and special fx looks is Mykie from Glam and Gore, who is a self taught LA make up artists, quite popular and well known on YouTube and Instagram. Her work touches on several fan art genres such as her Khaleesi make up look from Game of Thrones, to her Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad tutorial. Taking a look and recreating it to make it look almost eerily similar to the originals takes talent, patience and a lot of precision.

This type of fan art can be considered ‘copying’ in a way of recreating something to an exact replica, leaving it without creativity or a certain individuality, however I definitely disagree with this opinion.
From studying make up and special fx professionally for almost 2 years, trying to master a look that has no guidelines, no list of tools or materials that the original artists used, and even then, only going by a photograph or similar, is extremely difficult. Mastering the techniques is an art within itself, so applying them correctly to get a phenomenal end result is definitely a credit to the make up artist and appreciates the original art work or genre respectfully.

Featured image source.

Lion King Make up.

Looking back at my two years at make up school, this was one of my more clean looks I achieved. Although this week I didn’t recreate anything as such, looking back at these particular moments and appreciating the fan art and the work put into them is positive. This particular look is inspired by the Lion King, meshing the musicals theater make up as well.

Image by Madeline Romeo. Taken 2014.

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