It’s fan art…ish?

(Disclaimer: This post is a little more mature and may show trigger images that may disturb or offend.)

Now, we all know it’s there. Hidden deep within the ripples of the internet. The side of fan art that no one really wants to talk about, yet everyone is curious enough to look at from time to time. Creepy, weird and slightly disturbing fan art.

Art is a form of expression, fan art is a form of respectful interpretation, weird fan art… is something else.
The most popular sub genre of fan art is staring the hit children TV series My little Pony which takes children on a journey through the ‘friendship and magic’ and magic of talking horses and their heroic adventures.
Seems totally harmless?
Well… for the most part, yes!
And even then, you add Bronies, grown men in costumes, religiously watching the show as a cult viewing, and it still would not be dangerous.

It’s when you see things like number #4 in this blog, outlining that people actually create pornographic and over 18 content from these innocent television shows, that things become a little less innocent and a little more… disgusting.

Although the content itself is quite hard to get your hands on, and the skill set used would… (let me say) be much more appreciated in better artworks, it’s still floating around the internet, putting a bad wrap on some aspects of the community that may not have those intentions when drawing fan art.

Some fan art, however creepy and disturbing… is not purposefully used for self gratification and sexual connotations. Like these pieces of work here, showing some of the most horrifying and interesting art works floating around the internet. Like (refer to image) Homer Simpson with real skin and realistic textures, or (refer to blog post #6) Hey Arnold with a crack addiction.

Photo credit: Jax Pixeloo

These types of images, although completely harmless, show creativity and imagination in the most unusual and eerily disturbing way.

Still fan art though?
Most definitely! Although these types of work show a different type of appreciation for the wonderful shows and characters linked to them, it’s still appreciation none the less.

In my opinion, definitely head out there and check out some of these pieces of work. They will definitely give you a completely different perspective!


(Featured image : Handré de Jager – Check out more of their amazing work here!)




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