Zombie, Zombie, Zomb-ay-ay-ay-ay!

What is it about rotting flesh that makes human beings and the internet go absolutely crazy? Is it the maggots? The flies? Or the need to be forever alive (but dead) forever?

Whatever it is, it’s booming… and I love it!

Zombies have been around for centuries, dating back to it’s original and primary source, the Haitian folklore, which depicted Zombies as animated corpses, raised by witchcraft and magic. It has expanded throughout the 20th century into thus of a horror and action genre, showing the flesh infested corpses chasing down victims and eating their brains in the most cannibalistic and gruesome manner.
Now-days, the idea of zombies have been divided into two separate entities, that of terror and gore, and zombies that still resemble a human being – eating brains with class.
Although the element of death and dismay is still present in both these types of classes of zombies, the way they are conveyed can be a lot like Vampires, like there is a constant need to find the sexual appeal and attraction in anything that is remotely different and dark.

The community of fandom have always been divided when it came to the Zombie genre, really drawing the line between creating zombies to scare, or zombies to ‘stare’ at… if you catch my drift. One Zombie fandom that has really peaked the interest of the fan art community is ‘The Walking Dead’.

Image Source – By Patrick Brown 

The fantastic gore and ‘comic style’ fanart that comes from the community of fans who worship the show is absolutely astounding. It appreciates the gore, the action and the character dynamics of the show.

Another Zombie fan art the internet is producing alot lately is ‘zombiefying’ famous cartoon or fictional characters. Such as zombie Mario and LuigiDisney Princesses or even zombie Pokemon!
Combining multiple genres such as Pokemon, Disney and gaming can make for some individual and extremely creative work that will not only real a numerous amount of art groups, but also be understood by a huge amount of people.


iZombie Zom’babe’

This week I decided to do a little homage to a fantastic TV show called iZombie. The show itself takes a different spin on Zombies, making them completely adjustable to a normal human life, if they sustain a healthy diet of brains. The idea itself merges the scary with the glamorous as the zombies start off as extra pale, yet completely regular looking people, but without brains, can turn into a ruthless and horrifying flesh eating zombie!

This picture is of the main character, Liv. 🙂

By Madeline Romeo 2016 Copic Markers. 


Featured image source


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