Strangers – A short film for MSS1MNC



For my Making Networked Culture class, one of our assessments was to do a transmedia short film that we could post onto YouTube. The group assessment was to explore different types of networking using either the “Choose your own adventure” idea or a Split-screen narrative. Myself and my partner chose to do a Split-screen narrative, seeing as though only having two people in our group may be quite difficult with filming and characters.

The short film we decided to choose was a Split-screen narrative showing two completely different students and their travel through LaTrobe to class. The idea of the film was to outline the importance of perspective, and show how significant that is when interacting during your student life.
Because myself and David (my group partner) didn’t know each other when being paired together for this presentation, harnessing that aspect and putting it into film format really worked well when showing different points of view.

The idea “Strangers” was developed from the concept of myself and David being strangers and others being strangers within the same classroom. That two individuals can be doing a similar routine, on a similar day, listen to the same music and head towards the same classroom, yet be totally oblivious of each other whilst doing so. This particular idea worked really well with the Split-screen, being able to divide the similar first person perspectives whilst travelling at the same time.

The wire frame plus storyboard was extremely easy to construct and only changed once, at the end of the editing process. The original wire frame had Split-screen throughout the entire middle scene of the short film, only breaking away from it at the very end.


Original Wire Frame.

However in the new wire fame we added a middle ‘comical relief’ scene where one of the characters screens becomes a full screen and the music changes whilst they are drinking water. This really broke up the film and changed the tone, making it lighter to watch.


Final Wire Frame.

We divided each of our roles evenly, finding it easier to work on our strengths individually, as this worked well with how smooth the project went. Myself being more of an art based student, designed the wire frame, and constructed the story board, whilst David is good at editing, so he worked on the entire editing process, whilst I helped grabbing sound effects here and there.
We both filmed all the footage together, taking turns filming each perspective and discussing good filming angles as we walked through.

I think the only difficulty we stumbled upon was finding the right song for the clip. Because we have different taste in music, and wanted something royalty free, trying to find the right song that would set the tone, was difficult. However one of my friends has his own album out and kindly let us use one of his songs without any hassle, which not only made things easier when posting it on YouTube, but suited the tone of the short.

The importance of building a Split-screen narrative is to create two story lines that intertwine or can overlap. Creating perspectives that may have similar locations, or may be in time at certain points, creates a continuity that helps the film or short clip flow. With this project, the importance of it was to create this flow or continuity on multiple levels, with not only the visuals, but the timing, audio, and the overall tone.


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