Fighting evil with Fan art.

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It’s Saturday morning. You sit down in front of your late 90’s TV set with your favourite bowl of cereal and you put on your morning cartoons. Pokemon, Digimon, Sailor Moon.

Nostalgia brings me back to those days of religious watching and rituals. But it seems to be coming back with the high demands of anime and cartoons flooding the internet and DVD stores.
The community behind anime and cartoons is massive, with people all over the world watching international shows, cult following and mass producing fan art to show their appreciation.

Anime art style is a distinct type of drawing style that corresponds with anime and Japanese cartoons. The beautiful drawings and masterpieces can be found through DeviantArt, showing wonderful art mixing different shows and taking different spins on genres to produce really  eye catching and different artworks.
One illustrator who takes this style and genre and produces helpful and inspiring tutorials is Mark Crilley. Using pencil to paper in almost all of his work, he shows that you can get just as realistic end results using pencil, than what you can using digital drawing.

But is the anime style drawing, just a rip off of Manga comics and books? Considering the style and the way it is drawn seems to be a rule of thumb when creating these specific shows and comic books?
Well it is debatable. Knowing the amount of skill that is needed when creating your own style when drawing, it almost seems easy to create a certain type of drawing or skill set to create japanese or anime fan art.
However, on the other hand, creating your own original concepts, colours and overall design of your fan art takes skill within itself, something that without a sense of creativity you will not be able to just pop out of thin air.

Dorkly in 2015 released an article showing 40 of the most aw inspiring Sailor Moon fan art around, showing you that although anime is a Japanese style, that the way you draw it or individualize your art, can take fan art to the next level.

Sailor Moon nostalgia! 

The sketch I decided to do this week was inspired by my favourite anime of all time, Sailor Moon. Taken from her transformation clips, I decided to try and recreate my own little sketch of her whilst she is transforming, using my own type of drawing design.

By Madeline Romeo, 2016. Copic Markers. 

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