Cos (play) you can?

Cosplay fan art is like an inception. It’s one of those communities that have exploded within the fan art community, taking cosplay and twisting it on it’s head. Cosplay is the art of dressing up, putting infinite amount of effort, money and resources into intricate and accurate costumes that resemble their favourite character from pop culture.
Most of these types of cosplayers compete in events, have communities and forums to discuss designs and different types of resource finds, and even make their hobby into careers. One of the biggest conventions that host cosplay events within Australia is Oz Comic Con, taking the cosplay genre and creating competitions, parades and events held in gigantic proportions.

Now, with all that being said. Fan art Cosplay is taking it one step further, it is creating cosplay costumes based on fan art done by artists or by the cosplayer itself. These types of costumes are mainly tweaked and twinged based on the cosplayer, due to copyright on the art, especially if it is done by someone they don’t know.
This type of fan art can be reversed too, with artists drawing cosplayers and their different interpretations of a character or pop culture movie.
Dorkly released an article showing exactly this take on Cosplay. Artist Abraham Lopez (found on DeviantArt) recreating some of their favourite cosplay characters. This includes one of my personal favourites, number 1 – the Suburban Joker which shows the Joker and Harley-Quinn with their child, dressed in casual and ‘suburban’ like clothing.

Artwork done by Abraham Lopez. 

So, with this understanding of what Cosplay art is… is it art?
To be fair, it is a confusing answer, just as much as the topic is itself. Because we are talking about fanart of fanart. The genre itself is deeply woven into using someone elses work and creating it into another medium.
Although it seems like copying, the idea of creating something into another medium is difficult. Something that I have explored in my makeup fanart blog post. So there is an element of creativity within knowing what to do and how to take something or someone that has created a costume, and turning it into something on pen and paper, and vise versa.
Regardless of the debate, it is easy to confirm that it is definitely something different, and creative.

Featured Image Source and Artist.


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