Marketing Plan for Uncommon Copy.

The idea of this blog initially was to outreach to many different communities as a forum of exploring different art. It was more of a casual journalistic approach, with the added collaboration of my own art portfolio. However, when looking into the future, the most prominent aspiration or goal is to eventually make this blog reach a whole new medium, and become successful within it. I would hope to turn this BLOG, into a VLOG (Video Blog) and develop a YouTube page dedicated to fan art, journalism and exploration. With all that being said, below is my marketing plan.

My audience for my blog will have to be broad, as most of my posts will range from week to week, depending on the topic or fan art chosen, however one particular audience group will remain the same; the audience members who enjoy art. The other members I will be trying to reach will be members of fan groups surrounding particular TV shows or surrounding movies I will be exploring, for example my first blog Winter is coming… and so is the fanart, will reach out to people who love Game of Thrones, but also enjoy art and the exploration of digital art.
With my audience baring in mind, one of the major media websites that I could use to reach out to these communities is DeviantArt which is one of the largest art communities on the internet. Being able to potentially post my own artwork on there which could correlate to a distinct blog post I might have and linking it to my blog, will bring community members that may like that particular fan art, like the show I may have drawn, or like the style, to my blog.
The other 3 social media websites would be Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, hoping to reach a sturdy community on each and building up a fan base from there. Using my art as a “click bait” type thumbnail for most of my posts, will draw a more eye catching link to my blog too, as most of my audience will most likely be more intrigued by visual advertising rather than “word” advertising.

My blog posts will be weekly, on a Saturday morning, mainly to not burn out of topics and lack quality for quantity, and finding that most people tend to not have work on the weekends, placing a blog then will help the influx of people visiting the site.
I will be reaching a total of 2 or 3 artworks of the blog topic I’ll be doing a week as click bait advertising, this will be great work to post on my social media websites. It will also be a good way of still delivering content in between posts, and give my audience an indication on what my blog topic for the week will be. Posting open forum questions on Sunday and Mondays on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, about what topic I should research for the next week, will get the audience and my followers more involved in the content, and will also help with gaining an idea of what my viewers like and don’t like.

My weekly schedule will be planned out on Excel as following:

Image created on Excel 2016, by myself. 

I have broken it down into colours to make it easier for myself to follow a schedule. Pink is the day which I post the blog onto WordPress,  yellow will be for open forum or discussions on my social media pages of different topics my viewers would like me to research for the week or ideas on a different fan art community I have not done yet, green will be for days I’ll be advertising my blog for that week, this will be where I will be showing the related artwork I have drawn in correlation to the topic and blue will be for pure advertising that the blog is up with a link of the blog and all my social media information.

For the most part, my budget for the first few months will be slim to nill, using free social media sites and only using money to purchase art supplies. I’ll also be setting up a customised domain name without the WordPress/ domain link to make it more professional. This will be a one time expense that will make my blog look more credible when linking on my other social media sites.
My goal within the first few months is to gain a reputable amount of followers on my social media site, which will create repeat visits on my blog and also promote social media sharing.
After a few months and creating an ample fan base, receiving sponsorship from secondary audiences in order to monetise and fund my blog and social media sites will be my next goal. Using this money and advertisement, would eventuate to my final and primary goal which is to create a YouTube channel and creating vlog’s as well as blog’s of my fan art journalism, build my fan base on a different medium and create accessibility to people unable to read or that may need visuals in order to be entertained by the topic for that week.

This entire process and marketing plan is for a long term goal, with smaller goals in-between in order to reach my primary goal successfully and without burning out and being in debt. The overall plan is over a span of approximately 8 months to a year, depending on the success of my social media advertising and being able to gain sponsorship. Creating a successful YouTube channel does take time, and the expected success of the channel may be a few years longer, however creating a large fan base prior to this via multiple networks will help build the channel better than if it was something to be started now.



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